DuPage Woodworkers
  About The Club    
  Welcome To The DuPage Woodworker’s Club    

We are a local club that meets once a month at St. James the Apostle Parish, 480 Park Boulevard, Glen Ellyn, IL. The church is South of Roosevelt Road and North of Butterfield Road on the West side of Park Boulevard.

Our belief is that one learns by sharing, hence our motto, “Learning by Sharing”.
To support our motto, business at our meetings is kept to a minimum, announcements are made and then a “how can we help” session ensues.  Any member is free to raise questions about something they’ve encountered in their shop with anticipation that another member has experienced the same thing, hopefully with a positive result; again — “Learning by Sharing”; its then on to “Show and Tell” where each maker presents their project and explains it to the attendees for admiration and questions.  Door prizes are distributed, a short break for refreshments and then the evening’s program begins; generally a demonstration of some aspect of the woodworking process.

  Club Philosophy  

All skill levels from novice to advanced to professional in every area of woodworking are represented in the club.  Most of us encounter problems in the course of building projects.  One benefit of membership is the wide range of available knowledge and advice of more experienced members.  This can prevent frustration and unnecessary scrapped wood.  Friendly relationships are formed because at DuPage Woodworkers we “Learn by Sharing”… 

Sharing ideas, plans, problems, information, equipment and time.  Woodworking doesn’t have to be a solitary hobby.