From Our Workshop — April 2008

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Bill Eck Bird house, cedar, no finish (31kb) Carl Schaffer - Fridge Container lid storage, plywood, poly (28kb) Carter Johnson with jig saw puzzle, plywood (70kb)
Charlie Scheffel - Frame, unknown wood, poly (32kb) Dic Drees - Nostepinnes, Pear and Cherry, Shellwax (47kb) Dic Drees - Bird house, Cherry & Maple, Poly (40kb)
John Parkes - Bird house, Cedar, stain (58kb) Ken Everett - Bench prop, maple, poly (27kb) Len Swanson with birdhouse, no details (51kb)
Len Swanson - Celies Castle, maple, no finish (41kb) Stan Anderson - Bird house, cedar, paint (39kb) Wayne Maier - Humidor, cherry, paduak & maple, Lacquer (39kb)
Will Schreier - Bird houses, cedar & pine, no finish (36kb)