Classified Procedures

  1. The "Classified" section is for the sale of woodworking related items (tools, wood, etc.) it is not intended to sell wooden items you have created.
  2. The "Classified" section is for individuals, it is not for businesses or people in business to sell woodworking items.
  3. If you have a number of items to sell, please put them all together in one listing.
  4. People with something to sell should send the information in an email to with "Classifieds" in the subject.
  5. The information should be divided into the following categories:
    • Item(s)
    • Contact Name and Details
    • Price Information
    • Pictures
    • City where the items are located
    • Other Information
  6. We will leave the listing up for about a month.
  7. If the seller requests, we will take the listing down before a month.
  8. We will notify our members when an item or group of items is listed
  9. We won't modify a listing to indicate what has already been sold, changed prices, etc.
  10. All deals are between seller and buyer.