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General Meeting: June 21st at 7:00 via Zoom

Ron Herman: Clamp Down Before You Screw It Up

Have you been working on a project based on a set of plans only to find out things weren't going the way you had expected? Zoom in with Ron Herman as he provides information about the clamps, glues and fasteners project plans expect you to already know about before you follow their instructions, complete with demonstrations and show-and-tell items.

If you have wondered why pin nails won't hold well in end grain, why your glue didn't stick, or why your screw suddenly moved out of line when you tightened it, this is the topic for you. Ron will also discuss the proper uses of different kinds and gauges of nails and screws, what countersink to use and how they coordinate with your nails, which clamps are appropriate for your uses/different species of wood and how to protect your project when using them, which woods require pilot holes for screws, and more, to greatly improve the success of your project.

Ron looks forward to your attendance and questions!

Ron Herman Bob and Ron with slick

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