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2023 Toy Collection

Thanks to Sara Machi of CBS 2 News Chicago for creating and airing this video on our toy donations. In 2023 we collected and donated around 3000 toys which were given to local charities.

Here are a few photos of the tables of toys. Plans for these toys are listed at the bottom of the page. We hold workshops to teach people how to make some of these toys several times a year. Watch the activities listings throughout the year for information on workshops.

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We also had an article in the Lombardian published about our Beads of Courage donations. (.pdf file)


Members packing toys had to wear masks, but the toys still looked great. Over 1500 toys were made to be distributed to children.

Pictures of our 2019 toys.

WDCB Radio interview about our toy program.
(When you get to the page, click the white triangle in the black bar right above the photograph of tops.)

For many years the DuPage Woodworkers have been making toys to give away at the holidays. The toys are distributed through a number of local charitable organizations. Sometimes we make thousands of toys a year.

We have a number of toy plans on the website (below) and available at meetings through the Toy Committee. The Toy Committee also has wheels available for toy car making. Sometimes they have wood given to the organization to make toys.

From time to time the committee organizes toy making days where members get together and build toys in a sort of assembly line. When that happens you can sign up to come by for a morning or an afternoon to contribute to the effort.

Rounding corners and edges helps protect youngsters who play with the toys. The Toy Committee has information about making toys safe for children and what wood is suitable.

The plans are .pdf files. When you print them, be sure to print them at 100%, don't scale to fit. There is a ruler on some of the plans which you can use to double check that the scale is correct.

We also have some information about regulations related to finishes for toys.


biplane thumbnail Larger view
Biplane Plan (.pdf file)


Car thumbnail Larger view
Car Plan (.pdf file)
Car (SketchUp file)

City Car

City Car thumbnail Larger view
City Car Plan (.pdf file)
City Car (SketchUp file)


Coupe thumbnail Larger view
Coupe Plan (.pdf file)
Coupe (SketchUp file)

Coupe 2

Coupe 2 thumbnail Larger view
Coupe 2 Plan (.pdf file)

Whale Crayon Holder

Whale Crayon holder Larger view
Whale Crayon Holder (.pdf file)

Fish Crayon Holder

Fish Crayon Holder thumbnail Larger view
Fish Crayon Holder Plan (.pdf file)
Fish Crayon Holder (SketchUp file)

Turtle Crayon Holder

Turtle Crayon Holder thumbnail Larger view
Turtle Crayon Holder Plan (.pdf file)
Turtle Crayon Holder (SketchUp file)


Helicopter thumbnail Larger view
Helicopter Plan (.pdf file)
Helicopter (SketchUp file)

Sliding Lid Boxes

Sliding lid box Instructions and resources

Keeper Box

Keepter Box thumbnail Larger view
Keeper Box Plan (.pdf file)
Keeper Box (SketchUp file)

Molly-E Tugboat

Molle-E Tugboat thumbnail Larger view
Alternate view
Molly-E Tugboat Plan (.pdf file)
Molly-E Tugboat (SketchUp file)

Panel Truck

Panel Truck thumbnail Larger view
Panel Truck Plan (.pdf file)
Panel Truck(SketchUp file)

Rocking Horse

Larger view
Rocking Horse Plan (.pdf file)
Rocking Horse (SketchUp file)

Safari and Farm Animals

Safari and Farm Animals thumbnail Larger view
Safari and Farm Animals Plan (.pdf file)
Safari Animals (SketchUp file)

Tanker Truck

Tanker Truck thumbnail Larger view
Alternate view
Tanker Truck Plan (.pdf file)
Tanker Truck (SketchUp file)

Doll Bed

Doll Bed thumbnail Larger view
Without doll and quilt
Original Doll Bed Plan (.pdf file)
Longer Doll Bed Plan (fits Barbie) (.pdf file)

Small Router Table for Rounding Over

Router Table  thumbnail Weblog about constructing the router table


Doll Chair Larger view
Chair Plan (.pdf file)

Chest of Drawers - Three Drawers

Chest of Drawers Larger view
Chest Plans (.pdf file)

End Table

End Table Larger view
End Table Plan (.pdf file)


Hutch Larger view
Hutch Plan (.pdf file)


Pair of Lamps Larger view
Lamps Plan (.pdf file)


Table Larger view
Table Plan (.pdf file)